Captain Brassbound's Conversion

September 14th, 1929 — September 16th, 1929


Cremorne Theatre, South Brisbane


Brisbane Repertory Theatre Society


Barbara Sisley


George Bernard Shaw


Cecil Carson
Jum Pendleton
Jim Felgate
Barbara Sisley
George Eaton
Douglas Henderson
Ormond Salkeld
Leo Guyatt
E.W. Smith
Tom Stephens
Eric Roemermann
Bob Risson
Tom Pollard
Roy Bulcock
Neville Raymond

Brisbane Courier, 17 September 1929

The Brisbane Repertory Theatre Society gave last night its second performance of Shaw's "Captain Brassbound's Conversion", with very satisfactory results both to the acting members and those whose pleasure it was to sit as the audience. As in "Candida", the main interest is centered in the "heroine" - that is, if a woman gets entirely her own way may be regarded as one. But as Mr. Shaw manages to convince his audience, at any rate for the time being, as well as the heroine in the action, that her way is the right way, all ends well. 

The role of Lady Cecily Waynflete is a charming one to play, and doubtless Miss Barbara Sisley got a pleasure out of it equal to that she brought to her audience.  Mr.Leo Guyett did wonderfully well as the ruffianly captain, especially in the second act. Mr. Jum Pendleton played the comedy part of the ex-hooligan sailor with discretion and to its full value; and amongst the large number of others who contributed to the success of the performance, Mr. Neville Raymond's "Captain Kearney" of the U.S.A. cruiser "Santiago" was to be highly commended. 

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