July 14th, 1929 — July 15th, 1929


Cremorne Theatre, South Brisbane


Brisbane Repertory Theatre Society


Barbara Sisley


Arthur Wing Pinero


Ernest J. Brown
Jum Pendleton
Richard MacGregor
W.A. Blake
Eric Roemermann
C. Carson
Bob Risson
Harold Rowett
Dulcie Scott
Mrs P.J.Symes
Neaera Sampson
Dulcie Dunlop
Edith Rowett
Billie Kelly

Truth, 21 July 1929 

Well-produced Repertory

Sir Arthur Wing Pinero's thoughtful play Mid-Channel was not a popular choice when the Repertory Society produced it at Cremorne last Saturday and Monday, but even people who criticised the play could find little fault with the acting and the production.

Miss Barbara Sisley was again responsible for an excellent performance, and the presence of two players of professional experience in the cast was a distinct advantage.

Brisbane audiences have a tendency to shirk reality on the stage, if one can be allowed to speak generally about such a thing as an audience. Plays that end with suicide will find few admirers in this city, no matter how well they are acted. A happy ending, or at least a passable compromise, are almost necessities for the success of a play, though we should grieve to admit it.

A Repertory Society is formed to produce plays of literary and dramatic value, not to "tickle the ears of groundlings", and Pinero's work is quite worth staging.

The outstanding performance in "Mid-Channel" was Dulcie Scott's characterisation of Zoe, the central figure of the play. She is not an admirable character, but she is absolutely human, and Mrs. Scott did not yield to the natural temptations to whitewash her faults.

E.J.Brown did well as her husband, a self-satisfied stockbroker whose masculine prejudices prevented him from forgiving his wife as she had forgiven him. Problem plays on the double standard are supposed to be "dated", but human nature has not changed so completely in the last twenty years! While a type like Theo endures, the problem remains. 

Mr. J. Pendleton made the most of an attractive part, that of a middle-aged friend, who gives good advice to everyone. Dion Boucicault, of blessed memory, revelled in such parts.

Mrs. P.J.Symes and Miss Neaera Sampson, gave very satisfying portrayals of the mother and daughter, and the part of Dick Ferris, the young lover, was played with restraint by Richard MacGregor. The other characters were also very satisfactory.


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