Comedy and Tragedy/The Romantic Young Lady

October 28th, 1932 — October 29th, 1932


Cremorne Theatre, South Brisbane


Brisbane Repertory Theatre Society


Barbara Sisley


W.S. Gilbert
Gregorio Martinez Sierra


Royston Marcus
Graham Macdonald
Robert Kelly
Frank O'Sullivan
Tom Stephens
Jack Reading
Bob Risson
Jim Felgate
W.A. Blake
Gwen Campbell
Dulcie Scott
Barbara Telford
Barbara Sisley
Rhoda Felgate
Daphne Francis
Edna Keane
Loftus Hyde
Jim Felgate
Jum Pendleton
Edgar Smith

Commenting on Barbara Sisley's dual role as both director and actor in The Romantic Young Lady, The Telegraph theatre reviewer wrote:

Barbara Sisley, the producer, took the somewhat unusual step of casting herself. This was no error of judgment. As the witty, excessively shrewd, young-at-heart grandmother, with all her faculties about her, and not to be dragooned by the garrulous and privileged old retainer (excellently played by Rhoda Felgate), she gave a splendid performance. It is a fine point, indeed, whether it is as a player or a producer, that she is to be more heartily congratulated.[i]

Writer: Christine Comans

[i] ‘H.W.D.’ in The Telegraph, Oct. 29, 1932.

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