John Gabriel Borkman

August 27th, 1939 — August 29th, 1939


The Princess Theatre


The Brisbane Repertory Theatre Society


Barbara Sisley


Henrik Ibsen


Kathleen Hirst
John Dolby
Noel Chandler
Audrey Court
Ralph Taylor
Beryl Holloway
Margo Ives

Doris Waraker, theatre critic for The Telegraph wrote that:

Brisbane Repertory Theatre Society aimed high when it chose John Gabriel Borkman  by Henrik Ibsen, but the production last night at the Princess Theatre proved that the scoiety aimed true and hit the mark, adding another success i their score of thoughtful entertainment.

Of Barbara Sisley’s intelligent direction of Ibsen’s difficult play, the critic wrote:

The producer was right to play this piece quietly, entirely devoid of the restlessness which characterises so much stage work to-day. One cannot pay full attention to an author if his characters are eternally moving from chair to couch, from table to fireplace. This is a fact, perhaps, for which some modern playwright should be grateful. Here we have an author whose every word matters urgently and Miss Sisley has paid him due respect.(August 29, 1939)

Writer: Christine Comans

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