Quiet Night

March 19th, 1942 — March 20th, 1942


Albert Hall, Brisbane


Brisbane Repertory Theatre


Barbara Sisley


Dorothy Blewett


Joan Clouston
Marie Dickinson
Daphne Roemermann
Jean Jarott
Lorna Watt
Mavis Busch
Rosemary Stevenson
Merle Dinning
Dick Englart
Ruth Snars
Tom Stephens
Muriel Burton
Nell Galley

Quiet Night by Dorothy Blewett (1942)

Australian playwright Dorothy Blewett’s ironically titled new play Quiet Night was directed by Barbara Sisley.A comedy set in a hospital with a cast of eight women and one man playing an array of nurses and doctors as the main characters, it became a very popular choice with amateur groups throughout Australia and England.

Writer: Christine Comans

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