Sons of the Morning

November 21st, 1945 — November 23rd, 1945


Albert Hall


The Brisbane Repertory Theatre Society


Alex Foster


Catherine Duncan


Franklyn Evans
Bernard Barry
Leonard Turner
Frank Badger
Les Crine
Bill Roberts
Don Kellett Cameron
Moya Connolly

Sons of the Morning by Catherine Duncan (1945)

Sons of the Morning was written by Australian playwright Catherine Duncan. Poetic and patriotic in tone, the play is set on the island of Crete during the German invasion of World War Two and depicts Australian soldiers caught up in a drama with a Cretan household and a German fighter pilot. Sisley was to be the director, but this was one production she would not be seeing through to opening night. Just a week into rehearsals, she was tragically killed in a road accident.

Writer: Christine Comans

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