The Imaginary Invalid

April 27th, 1949 — April 29th, 1949


Albert Hall


The Brisbane Repertory Theatre Society


Daphne Roemermann


Moliere adapted by F.Anstey


Dr Robert Dalley-Scarlett


Ralph Taylor
Beryl Peake
Shirley Burrows
Maureen McGann
Alan Denby
Blair Hefferan
Eric Lewin
Cliff Bailey
Joseph Holt
Bill Williams
Ian Roemermann
Don Troedson
Terry Paltridge

Costume Designer

Constance Hall

Set Designer

Joy Palmer and Gerry Greet

Lighting Designer

Cecil Booth

The Imaginary Invalid - Satire In Play About Doctors

Review by ‘Te Pana’

The Imaginary Invalid, a play from the French of Moliere by the English humourist P. Ansty, is a fine piece of satire against the medical profession.

Although it is period in its setting, overweighted with words, and employs the ancient theatrical device of the 'aside’, Brisbane Repertory Theatre players in Albert Hall last night nevertheless gave it a certain credibility.

Lack of dramatic highlights was compensated for by the good playing of Blair Hefferan, the pert, and pretty lady's maid, and by Alan Denby, her co conspirator. Sound assistance was given by Beryl Peake, Shirley Burrows, Joseph Holt, and little Maureen McGann. Ralph Taylor, in the lead, was a bit out of his depth.

The Courier Mail, 28 April 1949

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