The Woman and the Walnut Tree

August 1st, 1940 — August 2nd, 1940


Princess Theatre, Woolloongabba


Brisbane Repertory Theatre


Daphne Roemermann


Sydney Box


Clare Clarke
Beryl Rickard
Beryl Peake
Audrey Court
Betty Hill
Joan Goadby
Dorothy Clarke
Ruth Snars
Betty Ross
Marie Dickinson
Betty Durston
Betty Weatherlake
Marjorie Pillinger
Betty Brown
Graham Webster
Brisbane Reportory Theatre Society's Orchestra

Long and continuous applause to Beryl Rickard for her characters work as a Cockney 'slavey' in Brisbane Repertory Theatre Society's production of 'The Woman and The Walnut Tree' last week. In addition to her polished acting Miss Rickard used a throaty accent as true as the tones you hear within the sound of Bow Bells. The incredible fiction that she kept her job in the same household for years merely enhanced the opportunity for the display of first-rate acting.

The Courier-Mail, 5 August 1940

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