Tomorrow The World

March 21st, 1945 — March 23rd, 1945


Albert Hall


The Brisbane Repertory Theatre Society


Barbara Sisley


Ronald Gow & Arnold D'Usseau


Musical Director Erich John


Janice Docker
Laurie Callaghan
Dorothy Wheeler
David Magoffin
Ngaire Patten
Ian Roemermann
Kellett Cameron
Terence Strath
Don Bradbury
Arthur Crispe


Review by “Te Pana”

In To-morrow the World, playwrights Ronald Gow and Arnold D’Usseau have presented a story of German youth with all the stops out. Staged by Brisbane Repertory Theatre Society in Albert Hall last night as the first play of the 1945 season, the drama was eminently satisfactory. This was due as much to good casting as to the good script. As Emil Bruckner, the Nazi youth who undergoes redemption in America, Ian Roemermann was excellent. He played the part with artistry and restraint, although when called upon he ranted, shouted, clicked his heels, and gave the 'Hell Hitler' with great enthusiasm. Equally successful was little Janice Docker, as Patricia, the girl who stood up to Emil in all his moods. The adults also brought to the play something of the deep-laid feeling necessary to the drama. David Magoffin shed quality and strength throughout without once being exaggerated. Splendid, too, was Ngaire Patten, and Dorothy Wheller was smooth and convincing. Production by Barbara Slsley and staging were efficient. To-morrow the World will be presented again to-night and to morrow night in the Albert Hall.

The Courier Mail, 22 March 1945

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