Young Mrs Barrington

November 30th, 1949 — December 2nd, 1949


Albert Hall, Brisbane


Brisbane Repertory Theatre


Alex Foster


Warren Chetham-Strode


Reg Watson
Josie Price
Gladys Parkinson
Dorothy Wheller
Olga Massey
Gwen Wheeler
Colin Clay
Cliff Pleak
Len Culpan
Rose Bonser

Set Designer

Joy Palmer
Gerry Greet

Play Was Good Entertainment

An enthusiastic audience attended the play "Young Mrs. Barrington" by Warren Chetham-Strode which was produced by the Brisbane Repertory Theatre in the Albert Hall last night.

 "Young Mrs. Barrington" is a sparkling play of post-was England, and tells the story of a young married couple separated by the war, and their sometimes unsuccessful attempts to readjust themselves. 

The play, although clever and bright, has a theme which is becoming outmoded and worn, and at times is inclined to jar. 

As Josephine Barrington, a wife separated from her husband for four years, Gwen Wheeler give an admirable performance. 

Cliff Pleak as her husband Martin Barrington, manages to capture the unconscious turmoils which every returning soldier feels. 

The other members of the Barrington family are played by Josie Price and Gladys Parkinson and are excellently portrayed, although Reg Watson as the younger brother is inclined to be rather overwhelming in his boyish enthusiasm.

Len Culpan as a somewhat inebriated friend of the family is excellent, and the other members of the cast, Olga Massey, Colin Clay and Rose Bonser carry the play off to provide good entertainment. 

Brisbane Telegraph, 1 December 1949


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