May 20th, 1960 — May 28th, 1960


Albert Hall, Brisbane


Brisbane Repertory Theatre


Babette Stephens


Colette & Anita Loos


Beverley Bates
Doreen Cochrane
Jacqueline He Banka
Leonard Wintour
David Hunt
Doreen Griffiths
Joan Tanner

Costume Designer

Wardrobe Mistress Muriel Godfrey

Set Designer

Stage Management by Ronald K. Pidcock
Original Set Designs by Brian Blain

Lighting Designer

David Pugh

Brisbane Repertory's production of Gigi directed by Babette Stephens coincided with Maurice Chevalier's Brisbane season at City Hall of The Symbol of Parisian Gaiety, a touring J.C.Williamson production. Maurice Chevalier had starred, alongside Leslie Caron, in the film version of Gigi two years earlier.

Beverley Bates, who played Gigi in Brisbane Rep's 1960 production, was lucky enough to meet Maurice Chevalier backstage at City Hall. You can imagine how thrilled she was to then receive a telegram from him wishing her "the best of luck" for her opening night performance!

Writer: Christine Comans

Source: Beverley Sealey


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