Goodnight Mrs Puffin

May 25th, 1967 — May 27th, 1967


Albert Hall


Brisbane Repertory Theatre


Rikki Burke


Arthur Lovegrove


Judy Jude
Lindsay Clayton
Jocelyn Anderson
Barry Otto
Denise Morgan
Hazel Howson
Edward Thompson
Bernard Skehan
Leslie Currie
Milton Undy

Costume Designer

Rikki Burke

Set Designer

William Pearce

Lighting Designer

David Pugh

President's Message


Repertory is fortunate to have support from a wide membership-from those who are young and old. It has therefore the choice of either presenting plays of general appeal or offering a varied fare-knowing that some of the presentations will be more acceptable to some sections of our membership than others. The dominant requirement, however, is that all plays should strive for excellence.

Following a very successful season of the controversial play "Look Back In Anger"-truly successful despite the impression that a small minority would have walked out of the theatre had the quality of the production and performance not compelled them to remain-Repertory is now pleased to present almost by way of light relief, "Goodnight Mrs. Puffin", which we feel sure will be enjoyed by all and should indeed reach a place of affection in our hearts.

Yours sincerely,


Source: "Goodnight Mrs Puffin" program

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