Romanoff and Juliet

September 18th, 1962 — September 22nd, 1962


Albert Hall, Brisbane


The Brisbane Repertory Theatre


Babette Stephens


Peter Ustinov


Songs by Anthony Hopkins, lyrics by Peter Ustinov


Ian Mitchell
Graham Knight
Donald McTaggart
Ray Bird
Geoffrey Baker
Michael Dawkins
Beverley Bates
Glen Stirrat
Jennifer Blocksidge
Jacqueline He Banka
June James
Noel Sealey
Alan Johnston

Set Designer

Ronald Pidcock

Lighting Designer

Barry Freeman

Sound Designer

Music and effects: Jill Neilson

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I was a member of the cast in this play and I later played opposite Beverley Bates in another play, in July 1964, called 'Richard of Bordeaux'. In 1964, together we saw the Beatles at Festival Hall, got engaged and we have now been married for 50 years.

Noel Sealey