The Importance of Being Earnest

July 12th, 1963 — July 20th, 1963


Albert Hall, Brisbane


Brisbane Repertory Theatre


Babette Stephens


Oscar Wilde


Edward Thompson
Kenneth Lord
John Bailey
Babette Stephens
Beverley Bates
Hazel Howson
Gail Spiro
Franklyn Evans
Gilbert Perrin
Haydn Wilson

Costume Designer

Ivy Lawton

Set Designer

Ronald K.Pidcock
Decor by Kenneth Lord

Lighting Designer

Barry Freeman

Tell us your story

Hi Great to read on the internet of Repertory's Ninety Years Anniversary and I and my husband Noel Sealey would like to provide any items that might be added to the archives and even though we're not up for the Ball perhaps there may be other celebratory occasions we could be part of. The early part of my acting career was in radio, television and with Brisbane Arts Theatre. My introduction to Repertory started in 1952 and here is a list of the plays in which I performed: 'Lady from the Sea' (1952), 'Nine till Six' (1952), 'Lace on Her Petticoat' (1953),'Richard of Bordeaux' (1955) Richard played by Earl Cross, 'Harvey' (1956), 'The Sleeping Prince' (1956), Brisbane Saga (1959), 'Merchant of Venice' (1959), 'Billy Liar' (1960), 'Gigi' (1960), 'Twelfth Night' (1961), 'The Women' (1961), 'See How They Run' (1961), 'King Henry V' (1962), 'Dinner at Eight' (1962), 'Romanoff and Juliet' (1962), 'The Importance of Being Earnest' (1963), 'Richard of Bordeaux' (1964) Richard played by Noel Sealey, 'Ride a 'Tiger' (Warana Festival) (1964). The 1964 Warana Festival was my last appearance for Brisbane Repertory however Babette Stephens later asked me back to play Edith Potter in a new production of 'The Women'. I had to refuse because unlike the papier-mache stomach for the pregnant Edith, the pregnant stomach I was currently wearing couldn't be removed! I have a very comprehensive album of my time in Repertory containing programs, photographs, and other memorabilia which I would be happy to add to the archives. I won't let the album out of my hands but my daughter is confident that she can scan relevant pages and send to La Boite. Let me know if any of this is of interest and she will send them to you ASAP. Looking forward to being involved in these celebrations; Cheers Beverley Sealey nee Bates

Beverley Sealey nee Bates