The Poker Session

October 19th, 1967 — November 25th, 1967


La Boite Theatre - in the cottage at 54 Hale Street, Brisbane


The Brisbane Repertory Theatre


William Pepper


Hugh Leonard


John Stanton
Hazel Howson
Judi McGrath
Ron Verburgt
Cheryll Williams
Mervyn Drake

Set Designer

Jennifer Carseldine

Lighting Designer

Alan Gee
Merv Huth
Sarah Huth

Sound Designer

Alan Gee
Merv Huth
Sarah Huth

Extract from The Courier Mail, October 1967:

Brisbane Repertory last night presented a near professional performance of Irish playwright Hugh Leonard's tragi-comedy "The Poker Session". This play is not just a "sick thriller" but a mind moving experience.

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