Fetch Me A Figleaf!

July 19th, 1974 — August 31st, 1974


La Boite Theatre, Brisbane


La Boite Theatre


Graeme Johnston
Choreography by Leanna West


Ray Kolle


David McCallum
Musicians: Margaret Stephens, Jon Francis, Geoff Ward


Randall Berger
Eileen Beatson
Mark Hembrow
David Bell
Judith Howard
Cheryl Morse
Jon Fogg
Gillian Tye
Robert Fitzwalter
Dianne Eden
Dale Holyoak
Pauline Walsh
Harry Scott
Sue Fell
Kim Fisher
Eric Von Nida
Tim O'Donnell
Robert Lyndon
Sophie Robinson
Jessica Hill
Debra O'Connor
Delma Osborne
Alison Mitchell
Geraldene Ford
Helen Sandercoe
Steven Leo
Gordon Sanuders
Lawrie Gardiner
Gary Swanson
Paul Elliot

Costume Designer

Graeme Johnston
Elizabeth Addis
Margaret Paterson

Lighting Designer

Tony Sidaway

Sound Designer

Mark Doherty
Diane Lear

Graeme Johnston’s highly successful production of Repertory’s first Australian musical in the round, Fetch Me a Figleaf by Ray Kolle and David McCallum was described by Jennifer Blocksidge as “definitely a 99.9 per center”  - it recorded an audience attendance of 4,480.

Writer: Christine Comans


Tell us your story

OMFG! You're going back too far! FMAF was put on because I think Graeme Johnstone couldn't get the rights to DAMES AT SEA, in which I was going to play the Captain. I played the king of the gods instead, a kind of rutting sex fiend. It was in the dead of winter, so we all had to use huge amounts of instant tan. It was a zany show. My big "I Want" song, It's A Hobby, was good, but my bump kept getting caught up in my grind ... "I like sex, I like it's whole construction, but as for seduction, it's a hobby. Many men are handy with a hacksaw, but I have got a knack for ardent wooing." I met my wife Helen Sandercoe in this show. She played Artemis, the huntress (a falcon headdress), but she doesn't seem to be on the list ... you can just see it in the program. We moved to Melbourne in 1977. Still occasionally see David Bell around the traps, Mark Hembrow, Harry Scott ... One of our three daughters is a producer and works with Pauline Walsh's daughter. Our oldest Sarah did a Bachelors of film, but became a geologist in WA, #2 Rebekah (Bek) is a theatre producer and works mainly in Europe and #3 is at the VCA. Just can't keep them out of the family business! Helen is a drama teacher and I still act up.

Randall Berger