February 12th, 1973 — February 12th, 1973


La Boite Theatre, Brisbane


La Boite Theatre


Peter Clarke


Arthur Kopit


The Company:
Colin Beasley
Eileen Beatson
Jennifer Blocksidge
Bille Brown
Roger Burke
Janie Christansen
Peter Clarke
Vicki Crozier
Vicki Dixon
Gil Dwyer
Rick Farley
Mary Foley
Ruth Fraser
Fred Freer
Paula Gampe
Prudence Gibbs
Julie Haseler
Paul Haseler
Graeme Hattrick
Lindy Henry
Max Hurley
Chris Johnson
Bob Johnston
Monica Kelly
Peter Kowitz
Helen Lyell
Ken McSwain
Debra McWirter,
Cathy Murphy
Errol O'Neill
Brian Pickering
Jonne Potter
Di Priest
John Rigano
Rodney Roper
Robbie Scott
Gary Silk
Paul Spendlove
Christian Steiner
Judith Thompson
Dianne Varley
Vicki Volkoff
Oyuin Yri

Costume Designer

Max Hurley

Set Designer

Max Hurley

The 1973 season began with Peter Clarke’s production of American playwright Arthur Kopit’s Indians.

With a cast of 44 and with complex artistic requirements, this production was ambitious in every way. It was described by Jennifer Blocksidge as “praised and criticised with more vehemence than any other staged during the year”.[i]

Writer: Christine Comans


[i] 1973 AGM Director’s Report, UQFL109.

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The Radical Times Archive is currently restoring a super-8 film of a street-theatre performance in King George Square called "INDIANS" (11' 07"). The event was staged on the opening night of the 1971 Warana Festival in Brisbane (on 25th September 1971). A year and a half later, a production of Arthur Kopit’s play "INDIANS" was staged at the La Boite Theatre in mid-February 1973. I'm trying to determine if there is any connection between the two shows. Are the two performances related in any way, and if so, how? You can view the film on Radical Times, see resources 3, and click on tile/thumbnail 2D

Peter Gray