Inner Voices / Everest Hotel

October 27th, 1977 — October 27th, 1977


La Boite Theatre, Brisbane


La Boite Theatre


David Bell
Sean Mee


Louis Nowra (Inner Voices)
Snoo Wilson (The Everest Hotel)


Garry Cook (Inner Voices)
Peter Whiteley (Inner Voices)
Joe Woodward (Inner Voices)
Kay Perry (Inner Voices)
Paul Michaels (Inner Voices)
Paul Haseler (Inner Voices)
Jacki Teuma (The Everest Hotel)
Sabina Head (The Everest Hotel)
Alison Fraser (The Everest Hotel)

Set Designer

David Bell (Inner Voices)

Lighting Designer

Bev Parrish (Inner Voices)
Nicole Lecompte (The Everest Hotel)

Sound Designer

Ian Baker

Failing to please audiences or critics was Louis Nowra’s Inner Voices directed by David Bell which Billinghurst insisted was “not due to the standard of production, rather to the twin areas of esoteric script and our failure to find the right mode of marketing to reach the play’s potential audience”.[i]

Batchelor, reviewing the play on a night attended by only 20 audience members, could only muster irritation as the evening progressed “partly with the play for not adequately synthesising its disparate elements, partly with the production for being so humourless, and largely with the cast for making much of the script incomprehensible”.[ii]

Writer: Christine Comans

[i] Council Minutes, Dec. 6, 1977: Fryer Library UQ La Boite Collection

[ii] Batchelor in Theatre Australia, Dec. 1977, p.37.

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