It's a Two-Foot-Six-Inches-Above-the-Ground World

July 6th, 1973 — August 11th, 1973


La Boite Theatre, Brisbane


La Boite Theatre


Rikki Burke


Kevin Laffan


Murray Cullen
Bronwen Doherty
David Andrews
Peter Banks
Paul Lambert
Peter Merrill
Hilary Beaton
Les McWilliams
Raymond McKenzie
Brian Murphy
Neil Doherty

Set Designer

Lloyd Nickson

Lighting Designer

Roger Burke

Sound Designer

Mark Doherty

Tell us your story

I was the kid. There were two of us who rotated the role becsuse we were both so young. I think the other one was Peter Banks. Sunny Queen Eggs sponsored the production by providing free eggs. I seem to remember that we consumed hundreds during the run of the show.

David Andrews