Workshop One Act Plays

April 6th, 1975 — April 9th, 1975


La Boite Theatre


Brisbane Repertory's La Boite Theatre


Helen Sandercoe - The Love of Don Perlimplin in the Garden
Joy Trigg - The Proposal
Shirley Lambert - Gum and Goo


The Love of Don Perlimplin in the Garden by Garcia Lorca
The Proposal by Anton Chekhov
Gum and Goo by Howard Brenton


Randall Berger
Pauline Walsh
Ray McKenzie
Paul Kowitz
Graham Sheil
Sigrid Thornton
Judy Russell
David Bell
Phillip Follent
Tony Sidaway
Mark Doherty
David Pyle
Robert Fitzwalter
James Newell
John Lose
Margaret Stevens

Tell us your story

"The Proposal" was the first play I ever directed. Not a good choice of play to go with the other two sophisticated offerings! A very young Sigrid Thornton was in "Gum and Goo" I think. BTW, I took the photo of "The Proposal" cast used here and did the vignette in the darkroom (no Photoshop in those days). Joy Hinckley (nee Trigg)

Joy Hinckley

Name of "unknown" actor: Ray McKenzie

Joy Hinckley