October 12th, 1971 — November 6th, 1971


Rooted was performed in a tent on the new theatre's construction site.


Brisbane Repertory Theatre's La Boite


Gary O'Neil


Alexander Buzo


Leon Devine
Marguerite Steffensen
Trevor Smith
John Fitzpatrick
Judith Anderson

Costume Designer

Gary O'Neil

Set Designer

Gary O'Neil

Lighting Designer

Keith Franklin

Sound Designer

Judy Ogden

Rooted by Alex Buzo

Program Notes by the Director, Gary O’Neil

It is with pleasure that Repertory Theatre presents its first production of an Alexander Buzo play.

Mr Buzo, in the last few years, has emerged as one of Australia’s most gifted and exciting writers. After seeing Night of the Iguana in the early ‘60s, in New York, Alexander Buzo decided to try his talents at playwriting – the results being Norm & Ahmed, Rooted, Front Room Boys and Roy Murphy Show.

Mr Buzo has a keen ear for dialogue and Australianisms – which are very prevalent in Rooted. Whether you, as an audience, see the play as a complete send up or can see the knife twisting in the wound and the cockroach crawling up the wall – it is up to your own judgement.

But everyone must be aware of the satiric eye, both savage and amusing, that Buzo casts on us all.

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