Sheer Luck, Holmes!

November 23rd, 1979 — December 15th, 1979


La Boite Theatre, Brisbane


La Boite Theatre


Sean Mee
Musical Director David Pyle


Simon Denver


Ian Dorricott


Anna McCrossin
Barry McGowan
Narelle Hooper
Gregory Silverman
Doug Phillips
Stephen Billett
Geraldine Tonkin
Doug Harvey
Cyd Bullwinkle
Cheryl Harvey
Glenda Stace
Pat Leo
David Moore
Tony Phelan
Joe Woodward
Tony Watt
Ray McKenzie
Brian Moynihan
Anne Marlow
David Pyle
Kym Lynch
Michael Hooper
Margo Alcorn
John Tryer

Costume Designer

Jenny O'Neill
Graeme Johnston

Set Designer

Sean Mee

Tell us your story

I was in the backstage crew and set construction. One if the cast pulled out . My wife was in the cast so they asked me to step in to play a few different characters. I forget how many but I always ended up murdered.

Doug Harvey