The Hills Family Show

November 30th, 1978 — November 30th, 1978


La Boite Theatre, Brisbane


La Boite Theatre


Sally McKenzie
Suzanne Marshall
Kim Theoharris
Jo Hardie
Kathleen Mahoney
Sean Mee
Doug Anderson
Chris Burns
Peter Penwarn
David Lord
David Pyle
Richard Fotheringham
Paul Haseler

Critic David Rowbotham loved The Hills Family Show: “I have not seen anything so madcap for years … Mock vaudeville, a goldmine of laughs, it is happening at La Boite Theatre. And it is a smash hit”.[i] The paying public agreed with Rowbotham with a 60% attendance rate. Not every critic liked it however.The Telegraph reviewer described it as “ridiculous in concept, thought and deed and no matter how hard some of the cast try, it continues to remain ridiculous and boring”.[ii]

Writer: Christine Comans

[i] The Courier-Mail, July 16, 1979.

[ii] The Telegraph, July16, 1979.

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