The Sea

January 21st, 1977 — February 12th, 1977


La Boite Theatre, Brisbane


La Boite Theatre


David Bell


Edward Bond


Peter Murphy
Gil Perrin
Michael McCaffrey
Eugene Gilfedder
David Bell
Les Evans
Wesley Walker
Bev Langford
Natalie Kaye
Eileen Beatson
Heide Lee
Gillian Hyde
Shirley Lambert
Daphne Anderson
Rhee Hollyer
Margaret Darling
Lewis Norman

Costume Designer

David Bell

Set Designer

David Bell

Lighting Designer

David Bel

 ‘Amateur’, at this time in La Boite’s history, did not equate with second rate.

Theatre reviewer Richard Fotheringham summed up David Bell’s production of The Sea as “a genuinely outstanding one” with particularly fine performances from Bev Langford and Michael McCaffrey.  Such a production, he said:

… testifies yet again to the health of the La Boite organisation; to the wisdom of their policies of training young people in every aspect of the presentation of a play and the ensemble commitment this has engendered; and to their ability to stand on their record of good work and so draw to their ranks experienced and talented actors and directors who for one reason or another are earning their salaries outside the profession.

(Theatre Australia, Feb.-March 1977, p.18)

Writer: Christine Comans

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