Three Months Gone

April 13th, 1973 — May 19th, 1973


La Boite Theatre, Brisbane


La Boite Theatre


Jane Atkins


Donald Howarth


Kaye Stevenson
Garry Renshaw
Mark Doherty
Margaret Hickey
Edward Thompson

Set Designer

Peter Copeman

Lighting Designer

Chris Johnson
Jane Atkins

Sound Designer

Brian Pickering
Alan Ball

The English play Three Months Gone by David Howarth, directed by Jane Atkins, attracted media attention for its sexual content.

Sunday Sun writer Brian Johnston (April 22, 1973) wondered why “our usually vigilant moral guardians” had allowed “two men to go through embraces – kissing each other openly right on the mouth”, but nevertheless praised it as “an hilarious, delightful, touching and truly entertaining evening of adult theatre that earns a much better audience than it is getting at La Boite”.

Writer: Christine Comans


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