Blow Fly Blow

February 29th, 1980 — March 29th, 1980


La Boite Theatre, Brisbane


La Boite Theatre


Nicky Bricknell


Stephen Measday


Ian Rolland
Gus Guthrie
Rob Fitzwalter
Robbie Warwick
Glenda Hewitt
Robert De Martini
Irene Foster

Set Designer

Sean Mee

Lighting Designer

Leonard Bauska

Sound Designer

Tricia Groen

Tell us your story

I was given this play to direct after John Milson had seen my work with the Queensland Theatre of the Deaf. Two of the actors from the theatre, of which I was the Artistic Director at the time, took part in one pf the scenes using a technique, developed by the US National Theatre of the Deaf, called Visual Vernacular, to represent a journey taken by the protagonist and his companion. Exciting!

Nicky Bricknell