Crystal Clear

October 25th, 1988 — November 12th, 1988


La Boite Theatre, Brisbane


La Boite Theatre with th assistance of the
Australia Council


Ian Leigh-Cooper


Devised by Anthony Allen, Diana Barrett, Philomena McDonagh


Paul Bishop
Christen O'Leary
Tracey Tainsh

Costume Designer

Kathleen Mahony
Gregory Silverman

Set Designer

Kathleen Mahony
Gregory Silverman

Lighting Designer

Stafford Mortensen

Sound Designer

Bill Lauder

Crystal Clear

Project funding was obtained from the Australia Council for a professional production in 1988 of Crystal Clear.  The three-hander was a devised work directed by Ian Leigh-Cooper about human relationships, with the added complication that two of the characters were unsighted.

It brought to La Boite’s stage three popular professional Brisbane actors Paul Bishop, Christen O’Leary and Tracey Tainsh. In the 1989 Matilda Awards Ian Leigh-Cooper was honoured with a special commendation for his contribution to the development of the Arts in Queensland through his acting and directing.

Writer: Christine Comans

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