Sheik, Rattle 'n Roll

January 1st, 1981 — January 17th, 1981


La Boite Theatre, Brisbane


La Boite Theatre


Sean Mee
Musical Director: Ian Dorricott


Simon Denver


Toni Zafir
Tony Longford
Kym Lynch
Chris Surplice
Peter Darch
Gayle Bray
Simon Trumble
Sue-Ellen Chester
Mark Hughes
Ian McCarthy
Michael Stooper
Kate Flamsteed
Kelly Parry
Brenda Vodance
David Jessop
Patrick Leo
Darryle McGrath
Paul Sugars
Peter Donato
Geraldine Tonkin
Erin Parminter
Gillian Tye
Kym Richter

Costume Designer

Margot Marshall
Graeme Johnston
Denise Forsyth

Set Designer

Di Heenan

Lighting Designer

White. Julianne

Tell us your story

Designing the set for Sheik, Rattle 'n Roll presented interesting challenges. The play involved a lot of people dancing and singing and a live orchestra in what was a relatively small stage space. Sean and I collaborated to come up with a colourful, minimalist design. Sean came up with the idea removing one wall of seats and building a mezzanine for the orchestra, with stairs down to stage floor. The scenes in the play took place in a palace, a market place and a jail. I came up with the idea of defining these places by painting patterns on the floor and further defining them with the use of focused lighting. The cobble stones represented the jail and the blue and white tiles represented the palace. Green and white striped blinds unfolded from the arches of the "Palace" for the market scene. Brian Doherty and I collaborated to design the poster which was screen printed at the Cultural Activities Department at the University of Queensland Student Union. The Activities Department donated a poster to the National Gallery of Australia where it is held in their print collection under the name "A Daring Desert Date with Destiny".

Dianne Heenan