The Queensland Game

September 16th, 1982 — October 9th, 1982


La Boite Theatre, Brisbane


La Boite Theatre


Errol O'Neill


Chris Burns
Kym Lynch
Sean Mee
Tony Phelan
David Pyle


Di Ball
Chris Burns
Kym Lynch
Narelle McCoy
Glenn Perry
Tony Phelan
Gil Woodley

Set Designer

Chris Burns
Errol O'Neill

Lighting Designer

Bob Skidmore
Wendy Johnson

Sound Designer

Bob Sorich

Such a hit in early 1982 that it had a return season later in the year, was The Queensland Game, devised by the director Sean Mee and the cast (Chris Burns, Kym Lynch, Maggie Nevins, Tony Phelan and David Pyle with band members Sean Mee, David Pyle and Chris Willems). Critic Jeremy Ridgman commented in his March 1982 review : “If Malcolm Blaylock, La Boite’s Artistic Director, is committed to steering the company in the direction of community theatre then The Queensland Game might well be a taste of future delights”. [i]

Writer: Christine Comans

[i] Theatre Australia, March 1982 p.30.

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