The Three Cuckolds

March 11th, 1987 — April 4th, 1987


La Boite Theatre


La Boite Theatre assisted by the Department of Drama and Dance B.C.A.E. Kelvin Grove


Dianne Eden & Judy Pippen
Choreographer: Annie Burbrook


Leon Katz


Musical Director: Michael Whelan
Jeanette Gilfedder
Marina Kneipp
Rowena Blackburn


Lindsay Norris
Michael McCaffrey
Rosemary Traynor
Darryl Hukins
Brownwen Logan
Michael Golledge
Blair Martin
Jeremy Godwin
Deirdree Wallace

Costume Designer

Jan Sherlock

Set Designer

Jan Sherlock

Lighting Designer

Julian Foster

The Three Cuckolds by Leon Katz

The first play in Managing Artistic Director Jim Vilé’s 1987 season was The Three Cuckolds by Leon Katz directed by Dianne Eden and Judy Pippen with musical direction by Michael Whelan. It was an outstanding success.

As Vilé stated in his annual report, the directors’ expertise in movement, voice and Commedia Dell’Arte were “the very qualities which La Boite, in its function as Brisbane’s most forward looking theatre, aiming continually at excellence, requires” and the mix of professionals and new-comers in both the cast and crew was the kind of training model he was aiming for.

Writer: Christine Comans

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