The Threepenny Opera

March 8th, 1989 — April 1st, 1989


La Boite Theatre, Brisbane


La Boite Theatre


David Bell
Musical Director: John Colwill


Bertolt Brecht


Kurt Weill
Musicians: John Colwill, Anthony Burr, Adam Couper


Darryl Hukins
Christen O'Leary
Lewis Jones
Lisa Hickey
Brian Edmond
Stephanie Arlidge
Francis Smith
Helen O'Leary
Kevin Smith
Chris Surplice
Timothy Reuther
Ben Dillon
Adam Couper
Rosalind Perry
Helen Strube
Dragica Debert
Brad Daley
Mark Greenway

Costume Designer

David Bell

Set Designer

David Bell

Lighting Designer

Julian Foster

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I clearly remember this play. I loved it - especially the performance by Christen O'Leary - her comic timing and capacity were stupendous! One the most memorable La BoƮte shows for me. It confirmed my love of Brecht.

Rebecca Lister