August 28th, 1997 — September 20th, 1997


La Boite Theatre, Brisbane


La Boite Theatre


Sean Mee


Stephen Davis and Maryanne Lynch


Paul Denny
Samantha Lovejoy

Costume Designer

Kate Stewart

Set Designer

Kate Stewart

Lighting Designer

Jason Organ


Scar, commissioned by La Boite for the inaugural Stage X youth arts festival was written by young Brisbane playwrights Stephen Davis and Maryanne Lynch and directed by Sean Mee.

Sue Rider wrote in her annual report that “Scar has been widely recognised as an important undertaking for its support of two emerging playwrights and for its consequent contribution to the development of theatre in Queensland” (1997 Annual Report). Too violent for most school audiences, it attracted the non-school youth market but, despite local and national media attention, achieved a disappointing box office result.

Writer: Christine Comans


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