Summer of the Seventeenth Doll

April 30th, 2008 — May 24th, 2008


Roundhouse Theatre, Kelvin Grove


La Boite Theatre


Sean Mee


Ray Lawler


Jonathan Brand
Laura Keneally
Caroline Kennison
Peter Marshall
Kaye Stevenson
Candice Storey
Scott Witt

Costume Designer

Greg Clarke

Set Designer

Greg Clarke

Lighting Designer

Andrew Meadows

Sound Designer

Tyrone Noonan

What the critics said:

Caroline Kennison as Olive - her performance is nothing short of sensational. One feels every high and low, every twist and turn of this woman’s roller coaster ride as her world comes unraveled. This is without doubt one of the stellar performances of her career.There is so much to celebrate in this landmark production... and it is, without a doubt, a production that will remain long in the memory of the theatre going public of Brisbane. Nigel Munro-Wallis on 612 ABC Brisbane

Sean Mee's in-the-round production puts the audience above and around the action. We can see behind the kitschy trappings of a world that has begun to fade and fray, the torn seams of its furnishings visible beneath a web of nostalgia festooned with toy birds, butterflies and dolls. The Australian

This is the play of the working man, the waiting woman and the unchanging doll, yet the play itself somehow evolved in the Roundhouse Theatre into something that brings a classic into the now. A must-see. Time Off Magazine

Source: La Boite’s 2008 Annual Report

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