Edward Gant's Amazing Feats of Loneliness

May 14th, 2011 — May 14th, 2011


Roundhouse Theatre, Kelvin Grove


La Boite Theatre Theatre Company
Sydney Theatre Company


Sarah Goodes


Anthony Neilson


Steve Toulmin


Paul Bishop
Lindsay Farris
Bryan Probets
Emily Tomlins

Costume Designer

Renee Mulder

Set Designer

Romance Was Born/Renee Mulder

Lighting Designer

Damien Cooper

Sound Designer

Steve Toulmin

The Artistic Director David Berthold wrote:

Edward Gant’s Amazing Feats of Loneliness was a co-production with Sydney Theatre Company. It rehearsed and opened here before playing a season at STC’s Wharf Theatre. Sarah Goodes’ production of this very tricky but rewarding play was sure and insightful, built on an outstandingly inventive and Matilda Awardwinning design from Renée Mulder and some truly delightful performances, one of which gathered Paul Bishop a Matilda for Best Male Actor in a Leading Role. Anthony Neilson’s play is a theatrical Möbius strip, which some audiences found fascinating, and others found confounding, but most found rich.

The critics said:

Tongues firmly in cheek, the four actors thrill and amaze as they work their way through a labyrinth ofstory that combines spectacularly unlikely narratives, heartbreak and hilarity, the grotesque, the gross, the politically incorrect and sheer theatrical bravado... so fresh and so provocative... Just hang onto your seat and enjoy the ride. The Courier-Mail

There are so many elements bouncing around this kaleidoscopic piece: music hall and melodrama, fairytale and fable, plays within plays, bleak musings on the human condition and the nature of theatre, all wrapped up in ornate, Victorian-style text… There’s a nice balance between showbiz shabbiness and wondrousness, the gags fly thick and fast, and the cast creates the sense they really have been on the road together for some time. The Australian

Source: La Boite’s 2011 Annual Report

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