One the Bear

October 10th, 2017 — October 21st, 2017


The Roundhouse Theatre
Campbelltown Arts Centre


La Boite Theatre Company, Campbelltown Arts Centre and Black Honey Company


Directorial Eye & Dramaturgy: Claire Christian
Directorial Eye: Susie Dee
Stage Manager: Hope Haami


Candy Bowers
Dramaturgy: Sista Zai Zanda


Busty Beatz


Candy Bowers
Nancy Denis

Costume Designer

Sarah Seahorse

Set Designer

Jason Wing

Lighting Designer

Verity Hampson
Video Designer: Optikal Bloc

Sound Designer

Busty Beatz


By Jesse Chaffey in Arts Review, 14 October 2017

'One The Bear' was a psychedelic, glowing trip through the eyes of two bears living in a dystopian world at risk of being hunted.

Starring Candy Bowers and Nancy Denis, 'One The Bear' exposed the darkness behind the alluring idea of fame by way of rap, hip hop and even rhyming dialogue. The script and lyrics seemed to flow like honey from beginning to end, resulting in a captivating hour of hard truths and brilliant stagecraft.

As One (played by Candy) became consumed by the success she was gaining from her talent, we as an audience took part in cheering her on and chanting 'One! One! One!' before it became apparent that the fame was all too much for her. Abandoning her caring sidekick Urusla, (Nancy Denis) One learned of the negative impacts of recognition and prosperity the hard way.

Addressing topics like race, sexuality and gender identity, 'One The Bear' was one of those shows that might seem simple on the surface but dig a little deeper and you'll start to see the heaviness of its expression.

The genius of this show is not solely because of its writing. Aesthetically, I was taken in from the very beginning. A stage splattered with fluoro paint that glowed under black lights, a giant screen toward the back which lit up with messages throughout the show, costumes that were stunningly crafted down to the last stitch... Visually it was a feast which meant there wasn't a dull moment.

What was equally impressive was its ability to appeal to such a huge demographic. If you asked me to describe the audience on opening night of this show, I simply could not. Major, major kudos should be given to all the creatives behind this show. To attract such a far-ranging audience (in terms of age and gender) and sit them in one room only for all of them to stand and applaud at the end is a major feat. Bravo.

'One The Bear' celebrated the meaningfulness of true friendship and togetherness and revealed the gripping yet torturing nature of fame and fortune.


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