The Gruffalo

January 11th, 2010 — January 29th, 2010


Roundhouse Theatre, Kelvin grove


La Boite's presentation of Christine Dunstan's & Tall Stories' Production of The Gruffalo


Olivia Jacobs


Adaptation of the book by Julia Donaldson & Alex Scheffler


Jon Fiber
Olivia Jacobs
Robin Price
Andy Shaw


Stephen Anderson
Crystal Hegedis
Tamlyn Henderson

Costume Designer

Ilsa Shaw

Set Designer

Ilsa Shaw

Lighting Designer

James Whiteside

Artistic Director David Berthold wrote:

Given Brisbane’s young demographic, we were keen to offer work especially for younger audiences. The Gruffalo was made especially for those aged three and above and attracted about 8,000 people to the theatre, most of whom were making their first visit to La Boite. It was great to see so many children and their families in our space.

The critics said:

Flawlessly executed mime and clever characterisation are married to an artlessness that makes you believe the ad-libbing and throw-away lines are being created on the spur of the moment rather than being the product of careful rehearsal... Parents, I promise you, cross my heart, that this is not like sitting through The Wiggles. While your kids are having a whale of a time at The Gruffalo, you will too. - Sue Gough, The Courier Mail

Beg, borrow or steal tickets. Your kids will love you for it. - Jay McKee, Stage Whispers

Source: La Boite’s 2010 Annual Report

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