The Truth About Kookaburras

June 6th, 2012 — June 23rd, 2012


Roundhouse Theatre, Kelvin Grove


La Boite Indie & Pentimento Productions
Producers: Sven Swenson & Brendan Ross


Sven Swenson
First Assistant Director: Glenda O'Sullivan
Second Assistant Director: Connor Clarke
Fight Director: Justin Palazzo-Orr


Sven Swenson


Phil Slade
Lyricist: Sven Swenson
Vocalists: Sven Swenson & Lamees Kratochvil
Voiceovers: Todd Levi, Stav Davidson, Chiara Lagana, Glenda O'Sullivan, Vanja Matula & Sven Swenson


Stuart Alcock, Nick Barclay, Zachary Boulton, Donna Cameron, Julianne Clinch, Joshua Connolly, Michael Deed, Matthew Dickie, Lyn Fairlie, Matt Gaffney, Tim Gollan, Chiara Lagana, Brent Lammas, Kieran Law, Joshua Martin, Toby Martin, Jason McKell, James McMenamin, Christos Mourtzakis, Ryan Norris, Jack Palmer, Byron Philp, Errin Rodger, Cameron Sowden, Ray Swenson, Sven Swenson, Chloe Tara, James Trigg, Darren White & Michelle Zahner

Set Designer

Tim Wallace
Rigger: Jason McKell
Carpenter: Peter Cossar

Lighting Designer

Jason Glenwright

"Its plotting is sublime, constantly dropping little twists that hold the interest, build tension and reveal the labyrinthine twists of the men’s relationship to one another."

The Courier-Mail

"Sven Swenson’s complex and thrilling production is gripping to the final heartbeat as it challenges notions of identity, stereotype and what it means to be a man."

Brisbane Times

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