The Wizard of Oz

September 7th, 2013 — September 29th, 2013


The Roundhouse Theatre, Kelvin Grove


A La Boite, The Danger Ensemble and
Brisbane Festival co-production


Steven Mitchell Wright


Maxine Mellor


Dane Alexander


Chris Becky
Margi Brown Ash
Caroline Dunphy
Thomas Hutchins
Lucy-Ann Langlikde
Thomas Larkin
Polly Sara

Costume Designer

Simone Romaniuk

Set Designer

Simone Romaniuk

Lighting Designer

Ben Hughes

Sound Designer

Dane Alexander

Artistic Director David Berthold wrote:

Our work in nurturing independent theatre is taken seriously – we believe it’s a way of building the long-term appetite for theatre making and going – and with The Wizard of Oz we put our money where our mouth is. Over the last few years we’ve developed a relationship with The Danger Ensemble through La Boite Indie, but we thought it time to ask them to work with us to create something new in our Mainhouse. Brisbane Festival joined the party, and together the three organisations co-produced what emerged through Steven Mitchell Wright’s direction and Maxine Mellor’s writing as a frisky grilling of one of the most loved and irrepressible stories.

The critics said:

This zany romp is gloriously intense with a spiky undertow. It’s refreshing entertainment with a razor sharp edge. - The Courier-Mail

In is an incredible journey that evolves the central characters from child-like innocence to unveil the darker side that obsession can create inside us mere mortals. It leads you to question if the bad witch truly evil or if she is just a mere reflection of those who painted her that way....for art & theatre aficionados this is a superbly directed piece of work that will likely haunt you for a very long time.” – Qnews

Source: La Boite’s 2013 Annual Report

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