Arms and the Man

September 9th, 1927 — September 10th, 1927


Theatre Royal, Brisbane


Brisbane Repertory Theatre Society


J.V. Dr Duhig


George Bernard Shaw


Mr G. Webster
Mrs P.J. Symes
Mrs R. Scott
Miss D. Dunlop
Mr Douglas Henderson
Mr Ernest Brown
Mr W.A. Devereux
Dr J.V. Duhig

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W. Alan Devereux was my grandfather who died in England in the early 70’s. I remember him as a kindly old man, not always brilliant with loud children in his last years. His studio had that distinctive smell of oil paint, linseed and turps, and his bookshelf an eclectic mix of spiritual, artistic , travel and sci-fi ! We don’t know too much about his times in Australia, though more keeps arising as Australian academics and historians shed more light. His daughter, my Mother is his only remaining living child.

Paul Grellier