Mary Stuart

July 17th, 1927 — July 18th, 1927


Theatre Royal, Brisbane


The Brisbane Repertory Theatre Society


Rhoda Felgate


John Drinkwater


Music arranged by Mr R. Dalley-Scarlett


Mrs P.J.Symes
Miss Rene Silvester
Mr Alan Devereux
Mr Richard MacGregor
Mr T.B.Stephens
Mr John Eaton
Mr. Henderson
Mr E. Smith

Brisbane Courier, Saturday 25 June 1927

"Mary Stuart" to be produced by the Brisbane Repertory Theatre Society, is looked upon by many as being John Drinkwater's most successful work. The theme of the play offers opportunity for effective dramatization, and Drinkwater handles it in a manner that is intensely impressive. The title role will be played by Mrs P.J.Symes, whose work is well known, and among the other persons n the play are Messrs. Alan Devereux, Richard MacGregor and T.B.Stephens. The play is being produced under the direction of Miss Rhoda Felgate. The music incidental to the play is being arranged by Mr R. Dalley-Scarlett. Intending members should send their subscription of 27/6 per annum to Professor Michie, at the University. A subscription entitles the member to three seats per play.

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