July 24th, 1972 — July 24th, 1972


La Boite Theatre, Brisbane


La Boite Theatre


Gary O'Neil


Michael Boddy, Marcus Cooney & Ron Blair


Mervyn Drake


Ray Meagher
Stuart Matchett
Jeff Ferguson
Greg McCart
Victoria Nason
Gaye Poole
David Watson
Luba Popovich
Charmayne Troin
Leonard Dietz

Costume Designer

Graeme Johnston

Set Designer

Neil Fohrman

Lighting Designer

Jane Atkins
Eve Pataky
Graeme Johnston

Sound Designer

Brian Pickering
Bev Parrish

Tell us your story

Hey that's me - the set designer for Biggles! I remember it was Graeme Johnson who asked me to do the floor mats (we worked together) - they represented biplanes in a clouded sky. Pleased to have also done posters and program design for other productions and to have been involved in the project for development of The Roundhouse (as Arts Q rep). (Blair Wilson was a lecturer of mine when I studied architecture.) Best wishes for a creative future. Neil Fohrman

Neil Fohrman