April 10th, 1997 — May 10th, 1997


La Boite Theatre, Brisbane


La Boite Theatre


Jackie McKimmie


Nick Enright


Gael Ballantyne
Chris Betts
David Brown
Melinda Butel
Philip Cameron-Smith
Paul Denny
Inez Fainga'a
Siobahn Lawless
Matthew Passmore

Costume Designer

Christopher Smith

Set Designer

Christopher Smith

Lighting Designer

Matthew Scott

Audience member Judy Saunders shares her most treasured La Boite moments, one of which is the 1997 production of Blackrock

As a wee 3 year old, with widened eyes and an enthusiasm bolstered by the bumpety bump tram ride to La Boite circa 1968, I was beckoned from the audience to become a low bridge over which a pantomime character would stride over me to continue on their fairytale quest. 

Little ol' me, down in the round, with the actors/real fairytale people - an absolutely integral part of the production, (or so I recall.......). Improvised frog movements and cave contortions followed.  The actors applauded we small folk at the conclusion of the production - better than a standing ovation at Carnegie Hall.  My childish grin accompanied by the look of pride enveloping my Nanna's face, are etched steadily within my memory bank.  Can you see my recollective smile through these computer compiled words?   

Years later, I recall Chris Betts' character striding up the stairs beside me during a production of Blackrock.  As he verbally projected in my direction, saliva droplets spraying intensely with his passionate dialogue, I was so engrossed in the moment that I almost stood up to once again to immerse myself in the happenings. My husband pulled my arm back as I motioned to inject my presence into the performance. Theatre in the round allows that "actuality" rather than audience segregation.

 These are my two most treasured La Boite moments. Their realism evokes such strong memories even to this day. 

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