Emma Celebrazione!

May 22nd, 1997 — June 14th, 1997


La Boite Theatre, Brisbane


La Boite Theatre


Jim Vilé


Graham Pitts


Musical Director: Kristine Dutt


Lorraine Dalu
Angelina Quick
Sandro Collarelli
Gael Ballantyne
Abruzzo Women's Choir

Costume Designer

Jamie Maclean

Set Designer

Jamie Maclean

Lighting Designer

Geoff Squires

Emma Celebrazione!

From the Director - Jim Vilé

If we can all look forward to fifteen minutes of fame in our life time, a very extraordinary, ordinary Italian migrant woman is taking up more than her fair share. Emma Ciccotosto (nee Orlando), who came to Australia from Abruzzi with her family in the '30s, has become a legend in her own life time. She is the best known Italian in Australia. Every capital city in Australia has been or is celebrating her life's story. Graham Pitts' play Emma Celebrazione! is a celebration! We are embraced by the courage, energy, tenacity and joy of a woman who was and is determined to live life to the full. When you look through the publicity material of previous productions, or examine the snapshots in her biography and cookbook, you see a woman who is prepared to be out there in front.Emma has taken responsibility, has carved out her own future. Despite the odds which confront most migrants, this ordinary person has become extraordinary. This celebration is in honour of all the Emmas who have struggled with cultural displacement, homesickness, the trials of learning English, the prejudices and insecurities of coming to a new land, and who have won through.

I would publicly like to thank the women of the Coro Abruzzo and the choirs in the regions, not only for giving us their songs, but also for taking Australia and making it their own.

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