October 31st, 1990 — December 1st, 1990


La Boite Theatre, Brisbane


La Boite Theatre


David Bell


John Godber


Charles Barry
Andrew Buchanan
Stephen Davis
Darryl Hukins

Costume Designer

David Bell

Set Designer

David Bell

Lighting Designer

Geoff Squires

Sound Designer

Neil Neilsen


One of the hits of the 1990 season was John Godber’s Bouncers directed and designed by David Bell.

Of Bouncers, critic Adrian Kiernander wrote that it was a long time since he had seen an audience as “wildly excited” during a La Boite production, a response to the fast-paced ensemble work of Charles Barry, Andrew Buchanan, Stephen Davis and Darryl Hukins.[i] Alison Cotes was “sick with hysteria” and described in her review “one of the funniest scenes I’ve ever seen on stage … Charles Barry and Andrew Buchanan miming a pornographic movie about a Swedish housewife stripping off, getting into the shower and being seduced by the postman”.[ii] 

Writer: Christine Comans

[i] The Australian, Nov. 11, 1990.

[ii] ABC Radio 4QR, Nov. 11, 1990.

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