June 10th, 1992 — July 11th, 1992


La Boite Theatre, Brisbane


La Boite Theatre


David Bell


Ailsa Piper
Tony Taylor
Denise Wharmby


Denise Wharmby
Musical Director: John Colwill


Valerie Bader
Christen O'Leary
Darryl Hukins

Costume Designer

Christopher Smith

Set Designer

Christopher Smith

Lighting Designer

David Walters


David Bell’s production of Horrortorio, a gothic musical, was a new Australian work by Ailsa Piper, Tony Taylor and Denise Wharmby. Previously workshopped with Stephen Sondheim at the Cameron Mackintosh music theatre workshop, it was a “look back to the golden age of 19th century song, parlours, piano and pairs of singers”.[i]

Directed by Bell with musical director John Colwill, designer Christopher Smith and lighting designer David Walters, it starred nationally acclaimed actor Valerie Bader and featured Christen O’Leary and Darryl Hukins. Although it struggled at the box office, Horrortorio earned high praise for the performances and  high production values.

Writer: Christine Comans

[i] Horrortorio Program, 1992.

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