The Idiot

April 29th, 1992 — May 23rd, 1992


La Boite Theatre, Brisbane


La Boite Theatre


Jennifer Flowers


Fyodor Dostoyevsky adapted by Gerald McLarnon


Music by Donald Hall


Veronica Neave
Joss McWilliam
Peter Lamb
Liesel Badorrek

Costume Designer

Bill Haycock

Set Designer

Bill Haycock

Lighting Designer

David Walters

The Idiot

The Idiot adapted from Dostoyevsky by Gerald McLarnon was directed by Jennifer Flowers, designed by Bill Haycock and lit by David Walters. Featuring actors Veronica Neave, Joss McWilliam, Liesel Badorrek and Peter Lamb, it earned high praise from the critics.

Sue Gough wrote: “Every now and again, amid the general run of adequacy, a production surfaces to redefine what really good theatre is all about. The Australian premiere of The Idiot at La Boite in Brisbane is such a production”.[i] Adrian Kiernander wrote in The Australian: “Coming when La Boite’s future is in such jeopardy, this is a timely reminder of what this intimate theatre-in-the-round can do at its best, and what will be lost if it is allowed to go under”.[ii] Both Jennifer Flowers and Veronica Neave won Matilda Awards for The Idiot and Peter Lamb earned a commendation.[iii]

Writer: Christine Comans

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