A Tribute of Sorts

October 24th, 2012 — November 10th, 2012


Roundhouse Theatre, Kelvin Grove


La Boite Indie & Monsters Appear
Producer: Ashleigh Wheeler
Production Manager: Jeff Warnick


Benjamin Schostakowski
Directorial Associate: Lucas Stibbard


Benjamin Schostakowski


Emily Curtin
Dash Kruck

Costume Designer

Benjamin Schostakowski

Set Designer

Benjamin Schostakowski

Lighting Designer

Jason Glenwright
Lighting Associate: Whitney Eglington
Animation: Pete Foley

“Kruck and Curtin co-devised this irreverent and ridiculously funny piece with Director Benjamin Schostakowski, and it is in the precise execution of the roles that this madcap ride is saved from potential derailing in several places. It is this precarious balance on the edge of silliness, sadness, and gore that makes the piece so excitingly unpredictable and thoroughly engaging to watch.” Aussietheatre.com

“...it gets much closer to perfection than anyone could reasonably expect ...From spontaneous confessions of love, to endearingly silly dance routines, to exploding babies, Christmas tree suicides and glue-addled little boy demises; A Tribute of Sorts’ co-creators deliver so much memorable imagery, with such alarming consistency, that it’s almost baffling.” Australian Stage

 “I loved loved loved this show. It contained so many of the things I love to see in theatre - laughter, tragedy, surprises, sparkly outfits and jazz hands. Thank you thank you Monsters Appear Brilliant!” Lisa Worthington (on social media)

2012 La Boite Annual Report

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