Children of War

November 14th, 2012 — December 1st, 2012


Roundhouse Theatre, Kelvin Grove


La Boite Indie & The Danger Ensemble
Producer: Katherine Quigley
Associate Producer: Nuala Furtado


Director & Designer: Steven Mitchell Wright
Creative Development Co-Director: Katrina Cornwell
Assistant Director: Thomas Hutchins


Chris Beckey
Dramaturg: Simon Tate


Taryn Allen, Sam Barnett, Jordan Kadell, Sam Lara, Elle Mickel, Patrick O'Connor, Charlie Schache, Eva Rae Smith

Other Performers: Peta Ward, Chris Beckey, Thomas Hutchins, Bek Groves, Alex Fowler, Marina Sekulic, Anastasia Usoltsevea, Johnny Legobye, Brodie Peace, Jaya Crothers, Bianca Zouppas

Lighting Designer

Ben Hughes

Sound Designer

Dane Alexander

“Based on Homer’s Odyssey and Iliad, this co-production between La Boite Indie and The Danger Ensemble takes the youngest players from the Greek classics and places them in a modern setting, leaving all major players off stage. Characters like Achilles and Prince Hector are only spoken of, or openly fantasised about, through the voices of teenagers growing up on either side of the Trojan War... It is certainly an intriguing concept and one that director Steven Mitchell Wright injects some much-needed energy into. While the projections of news updates and online video content make for obvious links to the present, it’s the setting of a child’s playground that strikes with the greatest effect. Dominated by dull greys and browns, the scenery reeks of innocence lost and a faint hope for the revival of juvenile delights. It’s a haunting image...” artsHub

2012 La Boite Annual Report


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