Out Damn Snot

January 8th, 2013 — January 19th, 2013


Roundhouse Theatre


A La Boite and shake & stir theatre co-production


Ross Balbuziente


Ross Balbuziente, Nelle Lee & Nick Skubij


Guy Webster


Leon Cain
Amy Ingram
Nelle Lee
Nick Skubij

Costume Designer

Josh McIntosh

Set Designer

Josh McIntosh

Lighting Designer

Jason Glenwright

Sound Designer

Guy Webster

Artistic Director David Berthold wrote:

Out Damn Snot, our co-production with long-term friends shake & stir theatre co., spoke with the past in another way – by lightly drawing on Macbeth and A Midsummer Night’s Dream to give us a slime-fuelled fantasy that delighted children and their older companions. La Boite has built a very considerable family audience over the last few years, with January crowds often rivalling our bigger shows later in the year. Out Damn Snot didn’t meet our box office targets – it didn’t have the advantage of being a theatricalisation of a famous children’s book, as many such shows are – but it certainly got everyone squealing.

The critics said:

...an evening of unbridled fun, clever writing, grossness and slime that you would have to be seriously lacking in the pulse department not to get a giggle out of ... A quick glance around the audience on opening night showed there were just as many adults slapping their thighs as there were children squealing with laughter. - The Courier-Mail

...energetic, snotty and full of fantastical charactersand fun for all ages. - Australian Stage Online

Source: La Boite’s 2013 Annual Report

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