The Motion of Light in Water

November 5th, 2015 — November 21st, 2105


Roundhouse Theatre


Dean Cartmel and LA BOITE INDIE


Marcel Dorney


Created by Elbow Room


The Sweats


Ray Chong-Nee
Tom Dent
Ryan Forbes
Olivia Monticciolo
Ngoc Phan
Emily Tomlins

Costume Designer

Zoƫ Rouse

Set Designer

Matthew Adey
Stage Manager Kate Brennan

Lighting Designer

Kris Chainey
AV Designer Andre Vanderwert

Sound Designer

The Sweats

From the Program:

"Taking its inspiration from the life and work of Samuel R. Delaney and Marilyn Hacker, two of the boldest and most imaginative American writers of the 1960s, The Motion of Light in Water is a truly fantastic celebration of how we dream the future into being. Weaving music, language, movement and light, it takes the audience into thrilling imaginative territory.

In a world damaged by war and fearful of aliens, two embattled young beings -- born in separate ghettos of a vibrant, violent city -- find companionship in their shared struggle against the codes of gender, race and economic class.

Combining their extraordinary imaginative powers, they set out on a journey of liberation, explore beautiful and terrifying new worlds - where their deep and unique love for one another will face its greatest challenge."

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